Credit card

My two credit cards have been suspended recently.
First one is Rakuten card.
There were more than 10 suspicious transactions within one day. I called Rakuten and they will start investigation on this.
Second one is Mitui Sumitomo card.
It suddenly began not to work from two days ago. I called Mitui Sumitomo, they said there are also some suspicious transactions and they want to make sure that it’s me who made the payment. Fortunately, all of the payment has been made by me.
It’s a great lesson for me who never care about the credit card security issues.
I’m always wondering why the online retailers are paying the same amount fee to VISA as the traditional retailers. Without credit cards, no online retailer can survive. On the other hand, the traditional retailers is not benefited from the credit cards.
If there were no credit card, everyone would pay by cash and it would help retailers cash flow and gain customers from online channel.
If someone is can answer my doubt, please let me know.


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