U2 and NASA Create Video To Celebrate Collaboration

NASA and U2 have released a commemorative video clip – highlighting a year’s worth of collaboration both in space and the U2 360 Tour.

I think exploring outer space is really the romance of human beings. Sometimes, I still can not believe that we have been to moon 40 years ago. Hope we can go further and further in universe through the unification of world.


Red Sox

Yesterday, I went to Fenway Park for baseball game between Red Sox and Mariners.
Several thoughts;
1) In general, people are very polite during the game
It seems that game is time of comfort for most of people. Although we lost the game, they still enjoyed it. Many are family and couple. This was totally different from my experience in UK, Manchester City’s football match.
2) Regulation of alcohol is really strict
Bar didn’t take my international driver license, because they said passport is the only one valid ID for foreigners. They even refused my 32 years old friend to drink a beer.
3) Public transportation system is totally useless
I had to wait 30 mins for the subway which is about 100 years old. Except private car, they don’t provide any transportation such as bus, taxi…

Outstanding analysis

As a junior consultant, the analytical skill is minimum factor to be success. Today I just saw an outstanding analysis developed by David Mccandless.
It’s so beautiful, simple and interesting.
I think it’s might be the time for us to come up with some output methods other than PowerPoint.

Flight in China