It seems that some people think I’m here for the vacation.
Let me declare that it’s a huge misunderstanding and study brought me to the US.
Here is my very subjective summary about my English improvement.
It’s strongly related to vocabulary. After I have mastered more than 1,000 words through iknow, it became not so difficult for me to read normal newspapers and books. Of course, speed of reading is still much slower than either Japanese or Chinese.
Listening lots of podcasts everyday really helps me a lot. Although I still find difficulties on coming across conservations between natives, TV and movie are not so difficult for me know.
Thanks to TOEFL, I have mastered a kind of formal writing. From now on, I should focus on writing in a more natural way
It’s a pain on my neck for a long time and I haven’t find the magic solution yet. It highly depends on my condition. And it’s difficult to get rid of all grammar and pronunciation errors.

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