Memorandum about the UK

Half of my English study has passed. Everything has been proceeding like clockwork.
I get up at 6 o’clock and eat toast and black tea at 8:00 o’clock. Then my business English class starts at 9 o’clock and ends at 15 o’clock. Supper, usually it’s potato, waits for me at 18 o’clock. 23 o’clock is the time to go to bed. It might be a little bit boring, however to follow my biological clock can build up my health.
It is suspiring that UK is an absolute immigrant country. I have lived in Los Angeles for one month, from this point of view visiting London is a kind of déjà vu for me. Even in Bournemouth, where I am living now, there are a lot of immigrants. Most of them are from east Europe and it’s not a difficult job to look for Russian or Saudi Arabian in this little town.
In general, the economic fabric of Britain is similar to Japan. It is disadvantaged in resources and depends on import a lot. Main industry is manufacturing especially machinery manufacturing. Therefore we can not role out the possibility that Japan will become an immigrant country in the future.
Many English don’t disguise their anger to immigrant. I admit that immigrant take over some of the jobs, however English can concentrate on the high value-added product. It is interesting that I found that 80% of advertisement in London’s Tube are related to the art such musical, movie, music, exhibition and so on. But it’s very rare to find non-English in theater and cinema.