An article about fishing boat arrest (Sorry only for Japanese)

Forwarded from MM [Japan Mail Media] No.602 Thursday Edition
■ 『大陸の風ー現地メディアに見る中国社会』 第185回
□ ふるまいよしこ :北京在住・フリーランスライター
■ 『大陸の風ー現地メディアに見る中国社会』          第185回

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These days, I’m watching much more TV programs than when I was in Japan. Since I don’t have TV in my home at that time.
Interestingly, I found more and more Blackberry’s AD, while their share is decreasing due to the competition with Apple and Android.
And it seems that Blackberry is trying to change its brand image from “Business widget” to something else. Please compare their latest AD and one in 2007. In the AD of 2010, you can find messenger, designer and even DJ are using Blackberry.
In my view, they are destroying their brand equity. As the result, they will lose current loyal customers who really love Blackberry because only cool business person uses it.
AD in 2010

AD in 2007


After one month waiting, finally I got my new Kindle today.
Several really amazing features.
1) Its design including cover is just beautiful and it’s as thin as a paper. And E-ink is far better than liquid crystal panel.
2) You can get any book or magazine when you feel like one with huge discount. For example, I subscribed TIME magazine at 3 USD per month.
3) You can ask Kindle read books aloud for you. It sounds very natural. I don’t think parents need to read story for their kids any more.
4) If you get a 3G version Kindle, you can access to internet through Kindle. What amazing they don’t charge any fee for the internet and you can browse every website free of charge all over the world.


As a consultant, my work is full of uncertainty.
Especially for the strategy project, we need to develop our strategy from the scratch.
Once our primitive hypothesis is dismissed by the fact, we have no choice but to develop new hypothesis again. As a result, sometimes I even don’t know where I will stay in the next day. This is the real thrill part of management consulting.
My current life in Boston is on the totally opposite side. I will get up at 6:45 and attend class from 9 to 16. Sleep in the same home and eat similar dinner. Some people may say this kind of life style is good for my English, however I’m just afraid that whether I’ll be able to return my job for not.