Switching cost

I have been a very loyal Firefox customer for 3 years. Last week I decided to follow several of my friends and switch to Chrome. However, it only lasted for 3 hours.
Several reasons,
1. Chrome is faster than Firefox. But not fast enough to impress me
2. I couldn’t find about 20% of Firefox addons for Chrome
3. Chrome doesn’t support my favorite dictionary – LINGOES
For me, it seems that Web 2.0 is increasing switching cost.
In Web 1.0 era, IE offers limited number of great functions by itself. Which are very easy for its competitors to imitate quickly.
But now Firefox has thousands addons developed by the third party. And even the world most profitable company-Google could not catch up with.
So as the result, winners become stronger and stronger, as long as platform remains steady. If you want to become the winner, you must change the rule of game. Only improvement is not enough.

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