My last week in the US

Let’s have a review to find out that whether I’ve achieved my goal or not.
Goal: 105
1st: 101 (R:24, L:30, S:22, W:25)
2rd: 97 (R:27, L:27, S:22, W:21)
3rd: 105 (R:27, L:27, S:22, W:29)
4th: 110 (R:30, L:30, S:23, W:27)
For Asian non native speakers, the best strategy is to concentrate on reading, listening and writing. I’ve tried so hard for 2 month, but end up only increasing one point in the speaking section.
Goal: 700
1st: 650 (Q:49, V:31)
2rd: 660 (Q:50, V:30)
Apparently, I have a big problem with the verbal section, especially sentence correction. At the beginning, I thought I can master verbal by improving my English fundamentally. The result shows that I was wrong and I’m going to take courses in GMAT prep school.
3. FSI (The interview test operated by a English school in Japan)
Goal: 2.9
Before coming to US: 2.4
Now: 2.84
I’m going to take my last FSI the day after tomorrow, hopefully this time I can hit 2.9.