CES in Las Vegas

For the last couple days, I were in Vegas for the CES.
The biggest electric appliance trade show in the world.
– Tablet PC
In this CES, more than 35 companies are introducing their new tablet type PC. For me, all of them look like very similar to iPad. Ironically, there isn’t single Apple crew in the CES. I hope at least several of these iPad type machine can survive in the market.
– 3D TV
It’s the Year of 3-D Television. It seems that every manufacturer can produce 3D TV, even some manufacturers from the emerging markets. As a consumer, it’s very challenging to tell the difference among those 3D TVs. Last year was also supposed to be the Year of 3-D Television, and nobody was interested. I believe 3D TV’s future in the long term, but it’s still too early for the major implementation.
– Electrical vehicle
I was surprised that there are so many auto manufacturers in the CES. Definitely, they need to develop more human-oriented user interface for their EVs. It’s too complicated to use. I listened presentation made by CEO of Ford for 1 hour about their EV car, I still didn’t get how to use that car. I hope he can drive that car back to his home without any accidents.
– Gambling
People call Las Vegas as a Sin City. However, I haven’t observed a lot of sin here. Although CES is the biggest trade show in Vegas, most of casinos only have the people equal to half of their capacity. As a matter of fact, most of casinos’ sales is shrinking significantly. They cut the cost in order to deliver some profits.
– Virgin Airline
To be honest, my flight with Virgin Airline is much more impressive than most of gadgets in the CES. They literally reinvent the aircraft. From the lighting to the on board entertainment. It’s a great example that how a company’s culture can help it to differentiate from its competitors.

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