iOS 4.2

Few days ago, Apple has updated OS for iphone and ipad. I thought it’s just a normal update, but surprisingly my iphone 3GS became at least 20% faster. When I type something, I feel it as smooth as iphone 4.
I guess there must be huge investment and efforts behind this update.
But why is Apple happy to invest such a big amount of money?
If we look at the iphone sales figures, we will find that the first sales peak was 2008 Q4. And most of customers got their iphone with 2 year contact. It means that by the end of this year their contact will expire. Given the strong momentum of Android, lots of customers will probably switch to Android, if Apple does nothing.
If I were Stave Jobs, my strategy would be to try everything possible to keep current 3GS users. And releasing a brand new product in 2011 Q3 in order to catch the biggest peak from 2009 Q4 to now.

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