Immigrants in the US

When I was in Philly, I was staying at a university dorm design for international students. I have to say the room and facility is not as fancy as I thought.
My own room is 7 square meter wide. I need to share the bath room with other 9 guys, which occasionally stinks. However, there were really interesting and smart people living there. Let me introduce them a little bit.
2 Dutchman who are medical researchers, a Turkish who used to worked in BCG Milan office and studies in Wharton right now, a Chinese who is a professor in Shanghai and stays as visiting scholar at Wharton School and so on
And I want to highlight a guy who originally from Pakistan. He came to States with his father. They arrived in the US virtually with nothing. His father first went to Community school, then 4 years university, finally finished his education at Harvard Medical School and became a doctor. This Pakistani has learned a lot from his father, particularly time management. He has started to manage his by the hour since he entered his junior high school. Since then he only has 4-5 hours sleep everyday, and allocate a specific subject to rest of hours such as genetic, foreign language and triathlon. Now he is on his way to earn a medical master degree from UPenn and he will work with US ambassador in Geneva as intern next year.
As long as United States opens its door to these best and brightest people, I’m pretty sure that it will not perish like the Roman Empire.

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