Why MBA?
All MBA prospective students can’t get by with avoiding this question.
When I was student, I never doubted about the effectiveness of MBA degree. However, when I came to States and began to think about this question seriously, I found that it’s not a pretty easy question to answer. After visited 4 classes in the top MBA school, I’m sure that knowledge-wise there will be very limited or even no take-away for me.
Following is my preliminary thoughts.
1. Design my career plan without boundaries
First of all, I don’t have enough time and mind share to craft my career plan. Sometimes, I try to take advantage of 3 days vacation to come up with a plan, but usually it will end up producing very short term goal which is not inspiring at all.
In addition, consulting firm is a extremely homogeneous work place. Most of people are thinking the exactly same career plan. It doesn’t allow me to chart my future course with a broad perspective.
In my view, 2 years time and diversity of people will help me to design my next 20 years career plan.
2. Become a real global business person
If I really want to engage in the business related to both of China and Japan, English is the language I must to master. To master English means that I will feel very comfortable to lead a multinational team. Although it’s not impossible to gain this capability within my current company, MBA is a shortcut to it.
As the next step, I should weigh up between those benefits and MBA’s financial/opportunity cost.


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