The Social Network

The best ongoing movie I have watched this year so far.
10 times better than George Clooney’s “American”
100 times better than notorious “Wall Street 2”
Two thoughts
1) It might be commonsense, but selection of team member is extremely important for a venture’s success.
Especially for the initial team member selection, you can not pay more attention to it.
2) When Mark started to write code, Myspace already had existed for a while.
As a result, Facebook original had to differentiate itself as a exclusive network.
E.g. only allow certain university’s student to sign up, able to disclose much wider range of private information
However, after Facebook surpassed Myspace, Facebook become almost the same SNS as Myspace. It’s very interesting.
It might mean differentiation factors vary a lot on the different product cycle stage.
It can be a hint for us to tackle on some markets which considered to be very saturated.

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