Recommended Podcasts

These days, many people asked me about the best way to improve listening comprehension skills. Let me share some of my favorite video podcasts. Hope you will like them.
1. TEDTalks
I really highly recommend this podcast. It not only helps your English, but also stimulates your intellectual curiosity. It updates daily except weekends, help you to keep study pace. Length is always less than 15 mins, which is perfect for us to keep concentration.
2. Fareed Zakaria GPS
Well balanced between politics and business related topic. The only one TV program has high quality broadcast about foreign counties. Sometimes it has exclusive interview on top government officials. For example last week it featured Chinese Prime Minister Mr. Wen. And this podcast is Mr. Wen’s only exposure towards western media.
3. NBC nightly news
One of the best night time news programs which is available in podcasts. Good tool to understand what happening in States is and what people’s interests are.
4. Bloomburg Conversations with Judy Woodruff
It offers distinctive interviews with trendy interviewee on hottest topics. Only problem is its update frequencies. You’d better refer to their archives.
5. The Larry King Podcast
It is the most challenging podcast in this list. Depends on interviewee, but normally can only come across 60%-70% of contents.
Other recommendations:
HBR IdeaCast
McKinsey Quarterly
TIME Magazine
Reuters (URL is a podcast focus on business in Asia. You can find variety of topics on their website)

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